Software Quality Assurance: A Tried and Tested Formula to Avoid Software Glitches

The IT industry is grappling today with the endemic problem of software errors. ‘Use the software at your own risk’ is not an escapade any longer for you if you’re planning a software/product release or have already released it into the market. The end users hate software glitches.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) entails a set of activities, which help in safeguarding the quality of software engineering processes. It also entails the complete software development cycle including process specifications, design, coding, source code review & control, software testing, product release management etc. This ensures that each development stage progresses smoothly and meets all specifications. It also governs Software Quality Control (SQC).

Now the question that must be hovering your mind-Will SQA really help me in avoiding software glitches? Well, the answer to this question emanates from Darwin’s theory-Survival of the fittest. It’s all about your business survival and SQA can really help you accomplish your ultimate business goal of customer delight by enabling you release bug-free software into the product.

SQA offers you not just the resolution to the error but also the reason for its occurrence. Tracing the roots of errors is a challenging task, which is easily taken care of by the SQA. The quality assurance testing team probes deep into error to find the real cause of the errors.

Now, SQA is cost effective or not is a debatable question. Most companies today prefer to outsource SQA tasks to third party companies, which work on the fixed projects. However, ‘prevention is better than cure’ must be preferred. Don’t take the risk of fixing the bugs after the product or software is released into the market. Pre-treat the erroneous application before the release even if it costs you more since it’s worth it.

SQ also contributes effectively in offering you multiple solutions to one problem. Hence, the solutions offered through this technique are flexible.